Big Data

The Most Pertinent Approach to Handle Voluminous Data

With the explosion in data growth and heaps of data, structured and unstructured, piling up, the single stop solution to efficiently handle and optimize this data is Big Data Analytics. Be it any domain, technology or fraternity – Big Data is the most pertinent key to handle, store, manage, maintain and extract this bulky data, via adept databases.


We @ BIZDataPro, have been consistently providing quality solutions in the Big Data technology. Our extensive portfolio showcases exceptional capabilities of executing Big Data solutions, with prudence, which take care of the storage, transaction, analysis and maintenance of data ensuring a real-time output, for business insight and enhanced visualization. We excel in building advanced Big Data solutions using advancing technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and HP Vertica.

Big Data Architecture and Solution Design

  • Ascertain the nature of requirement and the vastness of data
  • Design the entire Architecture and Solution design roadmap
  • Comprehend the criticality of the four dimensions (V’s) of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Value, Variety
  • Take utmost care to provide the most apparent benefits of Big Data solutions – value added information, increased data precision and a real-time, 360 degree operational view
  • Design and implement Big Data architecture, completely based on a proficient skill set for coming up with a reliable, scalable and automated solution design
  • Focus on an approach that leverages the current BI or Data Warehousing systems for Big Data Analytics, ensuring swifter ROI
  • Experienced resources displaying profound knowledge of each and every engraved step in the entire process
  • A defined process that incorporates Data Visualization to have real-time analysis available from Big Data

Hadoop Clustering and Implementation Services

  • Design and implement Big Data solutions using Hadoop, the popular real time analytics
  • Facilitate distributed processing of large bulks of data across clusters of commodity computers using basic programming models
  • Support scale-out storage and possesses enriched ecosystems that help in loading a large amount of data on multiple nodes, considering it to be an efficient data management framework
  • Hands-on experience in the Hadoop set of technologies – MapReduce framework, HDFS, Hive, Pig, HBase, Sqoop and Flume

Big Data Analytics

  • Assist organizations increase business agility and enable faster analysis of large chunks of
    • transactional data
    • data that is not captured by conventional BI programs
    • data like concealed patterns, unidentified associations, market movement, customer inclinations
  • Adapt to novel technologies like Big Data in the cloud, Predictive Analysis etc. to ensure a perfect combination of Big Data with analytics
  • Provide value addition through our skilled team of Big Data Analytics
  • Portfolio spanning across multiple industries like Healthcare, Finance and more

Transformation and Migration

  • Provide an cost effective, integrated and performance oriented Transformation and Migration service in Big Data Solutions
  • Manage the entire life cycle, through a dedicated team of professionals, who, with an apt strategy, perform a thorough assessment to understand the technical feasibility and critical success factors to suit organization’s business and technical needs
  • Our service offerings include
    • Efficient and simplistic data migration from a traditional data warehouse to Big Data
    • Instant data validation for migrated data from multiple source systems
    • Seamless integration of data from disparate sources for data transformation

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