Our wide-ranging experience, @ BIZDataPro, revolves around a multitude of industries, spanning across health care, finance and many more, involving diverse BI and Big Data tools and technologies like Tableau, Microsoft, Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Hadoop, to name a few. Having a look through our live case studies will give you a demonstrative feel of our state-of-the-art implementations with an assortment of challenges, business cases and technical solution frameworks.

Case Studies

CS_healthcare-BI- Big Data aalyticsTableau based solution for an auto financing sector

The financing organization was in need of a data analysis and visualization solution, that would help analyze their volume of data, spread across various geographies...

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CS_Lawschool-education BI AnalyticsData analytics and BI platform for a leading law school

The client already had an existing database designed but there was no database dictionary or reference document available. Initially the client was using MS-Access database...

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CS_news_agency-BI Big DataCloud based data analytics for news agency

Rapidly growing agency was facing challenge of analyzing a large amount of historical data from various data sources and generate the meaningful analytics out of that...

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CS-microsoft BIMicrosoft BI solution for leading design company

The client were in need for a systematic data based solution for their high volume of data through a data warehouse map and a data system which displayed integrated information for all users...

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CS_telecommunication-BI-AnalyticsBI analytics for telecommunication company

There is a large amount of data, with single tables having large records. There is high expectation of quick performance from predefined dashboards...

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Robotic Process automation

RPA Case Study for a Reputed Health Insurance Company

This case study will help you to understand how RPA can be used to Process Insurance Claims not only helps you to save the employee cost but is also highly scalable.

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