Robotic Process Automation-RPA

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the practice of automating routine business practices with  “software robots” that perform tasks automatically. These tasks include transaction processing, IT management and automated online assistants. These software robots could replace human beings for common tasks. Robotic process automation makes heavy use of artificial intelligence to train these robots.

Process automation(PA) allows separate business units within a company to customize solutions to rapidly digitize processes, delivering significant and sustainable value in short timeframes while reducing overall risks. By deploying these intelligent RPA  operations at the business unit level, managers can support repetitive processes without conforming to centralized standards, thus achieving efficiencies and cost savings while preserving flexibility.

Benefits of RPA

Our RPA framework allows you to..

  • Tremendous cost reduction.
  • Improves the accuracy of repetitive processes.
  • Reduce your operational costs.
  • Boosts operational agility and speed.
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Free your people for tasks that add value to your organization and provide better service to your customers.
  • Improve scalability of your virtual workforces.

Increase the level of business insight available to your organization.

Our Center Of Excellence (COE)


Our COE gives you standards and best practices based, robust, proven framework to take advantage of RPA. We provide an end-to-end wide range of automation services – from requirements, design, development,  implementation and managed services for the new virtual workforce.

We follow the following journey:

Prepare / Audit

Using our BPUDT methodology, we define an RPA Perimeter,  identifying RPA eligible processes and activities, perform automation-  readiness check – draft a plan of action to eliminate the process that is not RPA ready and embrace those which are ready to make quick wins.


We seek performance improvement areas within processes having  RPA potential, get rid of redundancies and process inefficiencies prior to RPA implementation – all while supporting you through the change.


We deliver the automation plan, working with you to decide whether to build a solution in-house or buy a market-ready solution with a  proven track record. We also help build KPIs to track and measure productivity improvement.


We ensure that you get maximum ROI from your automation process, monitoring performance data and fine-tune the system based on the data-driven feedback.


Our goal is to get you the most out of your system by providing the right automation technologies, plan programming or solution integration, change management and set you up for continuous improvement.

Why Bizdatapro?

Our holistic approach to automation process takes you beyond solutions for isolated issues and maximizes the benefit to your organization.

  • We apply lessons learned and best practices to your automation process to get you a quicker and higher ROI.
  • Our hybrid RPA solution combines Robotics with Cognitive software, to structure the input and increase robots’ level of autonomy.
  • We have worked with a range of major organizations to improve flexibility and reduce costs by automating their back-office processes such as account creation, progress reporting, password resetting, claims processing and identity validation

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