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The BIZDataPro team are experts at creating custom Tableau dashboards for clients across the financial services sector including: banking, insurance companies, consumer finance organizations, wealth management firms, as well as investment firms. The following case study highlights work we performed for a national consumer credit, auto-financing department. We created more than two dozen workbooks that analysed data for a variety of functions, across several geographic regions. Below we demonstrate Key Performance Indices (KPI), Server Administration Analysis, and an IVR dashboard – or measurement of agent performance over time and across regional departments!


Key Performance Index

Key Performance Indicators provide visibility into how well a company is performing. In the financial industry, being able to measure and quantify performance early on enables management to make better business decisions and determine an effective business strategy. Business Intelligence tells banks whether or not they are hitting their KPIs and also allows management to test different scenarios seamlessly.

This visualization tracks Exception Rates, providing management with a clear understanding the performance of their departments compared to their respective KPIs. Tableau provides great flexibility in analyzing data with different filters (which can be customized in the drop down menus to the right of the dashboard), graphs, and measures creating a more inclusive visual experience. This dashboard allows our clients to analyze multiple parts of the loan origination process including: Lifetime Loss, Sub-Prime Origination Quality, Exception Rate, and Return on Investment indicators.

With rapidly increasing bulk of data in organizations, the biggest challenge is to arrange and analyse this data to extract the best and valuable information. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are the apt choice to provide the perfect information at the desired time and in the required format.

We at BIZDataPro, comprise of a skilled team of BI professionals, who offer comprehensive and customizable BI solutions and services, to help you gain maximum advantage and potential business growth, by giving you real-time, intelligent information. With wide spread expertise in multifaceted domains, our BI teams have hands-on experience in varied BI related analytics

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